Need help here

I don’t know what to do. We’ve went from over 100 soldiers to 3, and a ton of allies to none.

Please comment again if you want to join or whatever.


Joining The United Troopers?

If you want to join go do it then. I couldn’t accpet anyone for awhile, but now were open for recruitment. Since were back in bussiness, we need a  lot more troops.

Also, to anyone who wants to become allies with us, please comment on this post so I can confirm.

Side Note: I’ll make websites and such for the other branches soon.



Sneak Attack on Black Jackets

Ok BJ has a bad leader so we can attack them at there recruitment video.While they are recording we will take them down and ruin there video so they wont get recruits.We are doing this because there creator Coff dont respect anybody but himself but its time to make him respect UT!!!!WOOT! We will make him respect us!Comment if you can come or you cant come!Here is the info.


DATE:Satuday May 2nd

SERVER: Snowbound (capital)


3:00 P.M. PST




Threw hell and back

Well, I’m sick of “Club Penguin”, but I like making decisions. I don’t know if anyone remembers this “Army” or whatever. But I guess this is the time I’ll bring it back from the dark pit it’s been dying in. I’ve got at least one person who stills remembers and that’s enough to remake it.

The first thing I want to do is organize the army a bit more. Everyone will be removed from the old ranks and I’ll change it up a bit. Also, the whole sight will be changed. Most of the pages will be deleted. The uniform will be changed aswell. Also no more just clubpenguin, I’m also making stuff for other multiplayer games(There will be a page explaining that soon).

The ranks will be divided into me being main leader, cobra70 as CP leader, and everyone else who’s joining as whatever.

Comment on this post if you still want to be in UT, and I’ll include you in the ranks.

I retire from all armies(Except RR and UMA)

Well I have decided to retire all armies that are not as important as UMA or RR. Those I am big ranks in and I cant leave it. I will continue to work for the CPUN and go on ACP chat to check in but other wise Im done. I barely have time for those armies do to School, Karate, Scouts and other stuff too. So I will thank some people in the armies im giving up.


Boomer- You were a great leader and without you ACP would be nothing!

Ankita- You inspired me to join the ACP and also ACP wouldnt be anything too!

Shab- You solved tons of problems on the chat like when the hacker Idsi banned all the members you made everything right. ACP always will needs you.

Rapidy- You were a good friend on chat and made ACP always cheerful!

Kookie Gawd(KG)- Without you chat would be very very dull.

And Many others…….


Lot of Pie- You made me keep going always and made me get through the ranks fast.

Troopx:Thanks for making UT what it was. Good friend!


Ktman- You got me into armies in CP for the first time so I thank you.

Mr. Blubob- Good Soldier and friend! And countless other armies…………….

Also here are some multi- armies friends that have left or Im leaving……..

Ennbay- You made me stick to RR and help me into ACP I thank you.

Agent- You were a good friend to hang out with sorry about Elites….






GG is dead

Green Government is done so im in clones and UT now and thats it. I want to focus on 2 main armys and these are my favorites